Hydrocyclone belongs to grading equipment, it is a kind of classifier machine. Hydrocyclone has become more and more popular in the mining industry, especially in the beneficiation equipment. SBM(Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a professional grading equipment supplier, we can not only provide you with high efficiency and energy saving equipment, but also offer the best service for you. Our prodcts has been exported many countries and cities, we have a good reputation in the world. The use of a certain pressure the pulp fed into the tangential direction, that is rotated under the action of the centrifugal slurry to accelerate the deposition of the inner wall of the cyclone, to achieve the purpose of classification. Cyclone feeding methods currently used sand pump directly feed. SBM will be your best choice.

Application of Hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclone is widely used for grading, sorting, concentration and and off the mud in mineral processing industry. At the same time, it also widely used in concentrator of nonferrous and ferrous, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics and other industries. In the mining system, it features high classification efficiency and high mine concentration. It is very popular in beneficiation equipment.

Working Principle of Hydrocyclone

Pulp at a certain pressure (0.04-0.35MPa) next to the mine by pipe tangentially into the cyclone areas, high-speed rotary flow in the internal form, to bring about a great centrifugal force. At the center of the cyclone pulp maximum rotation speed, the centrifugal force max. Extended to the surrounding slurry result of the movement around the center axis to form a low pressure zone. Coarse particle slurry discharged from the settling mouth, and the fine particles discharged from the overflow pipe.

Technical Advantages of Hydrocyclone

  1. Hydrocyclone composed of the upper part of a hollow cylinder, and the lower portion of the vertebral body.
  2. Large production capacity per unit volume, accounting for a small area.
  3. Simple structure.
  4. High capacity and high classifying efficient
  5. Easy to maintain.
  6. High efficiency and low investment cost

Technical Data of Hydrocyclone

Diameter(mm) Feed opening(mm) Overflow outlet(mm) Flow-down opening Tapper Cone(mm) Cyclinder height (mm) Handling capacity(m3/h)
GXX100 30×5 14 11 20 275 60 1.5-9
30×7 15
30×10 26
GXX125 25×10 50 15-30 20 225 110 2.4-15
GXX150 40×8 20 15 20 326 100 4.8-54
40×10 30
40×2 40
GXX250 50×20 125 35 20 595 170 6.5-61.2
GXX300 75 125 50 20 800 200 24-60
JAX-75 JAX-100 JAX-125 JAX-150 JAX-200 JAX-250 JAX-300 JAX-350 JAX-500

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