Portable Copper Ore Crusher

Portable Copper Ore Crusher

Copper ore

Copper ore is copper and other metal mineral and gangue polymers.By the nature of the mineral, sulfide copper and copper oxide;By the nature of the gangue, acid mine, alkaline and neutral mines;With copper grade points, have rich ore (Cu > 2%), medium ore (Cu = 1% - 1%) and lean ore Cu (< 1%). Sulfide copper mine stone, in addition to copper sulfide minerals, the most common type of other metal sulfide minerals such as pyrite, sphalerite, galena, nickel pyrite. Copper oxide ores, the common other metal minerals are limonite, hematite, siderite and so on. Acidic ore containing quartz (SiO2);Alkaline minerals containing alkaline oxides such as limestone (e.g., CaO, MgO style).

The purpose of cone crusher:

Cone crusher is widely used in mining industry, metallurgical industry, building industry, construction industry, chemical industry and silicate industry, applicable to crush hard and medium hard ores and rocks, such as iron ore, limestone, copper ore, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc.

Cone crusher performance is introduced

PY series cone crusher, finely platts hardness in use in all kinds of ores and rocks of f 5-16 or less Raymond mill PY series cone crusher points coarse crushing cone crusher, cone crusher and finely cone crusher in three, this series of crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks of medium hardness above counterattack crusher.Broken cavity type is determined by the ore use, standard applied to the ground;In the medium is suitable for the finely.Crusher structure by the frame body, adjustment device, adjust sets, broken cone, such as transmission and eccentric set of main parts and electrical, lubrication and other auxiliary parts of cement equipment.Short head type is suitable for the finely ultrafine pulverizer.

Working principle of the cone crusher:

Cone crusher is working, the rotation of the motor through the pulley or coupling, cone crusher, the shaft and cone crusher cone under the forced motion of eccentric sleeve fixed point for a spin around the week pendulum motion processing equipment.So that the broken cone crushing wall and sometimes near and sometimes leave the solid mounted on the adjustment of rolling mortar wall surface, make the ore in the continuing impact crushing cavity, extrusion and bending effect and realize the ore crushing crusher manufacturers.Motor through the bevel gear drives the eccentric rotation, have made and broken cone spiral classifier pendulum movement.Broken fixed cone, cone and sometimes near and sometimes leave complete broken cement production process flow and layout.Support and the frame body joint by spring pressure, falling into a metal piece inside the crusher not broken objects, such as spring compression deformation, namely discharge foreign body, realize the insurance, prevent the machine from damage the conveyor.

Cone crusher in do not break the foreign body through the crushing chamber machine is overload or for some reason, the spring cone crusher insurance system implementation, cone crusher row ore mouth increasing discharge of zhengzhou hubei broken cone crusher cavity, such as foreign body card in the row of ore can use clear chamber system, make the row of mines continue to increase, the foreign body eduction of cone crusher chamber under the action of sand washer in the spring, row ore mouth automatic reset, and coal mill cone crusher machine back to normal work.Crushing cavity surface covered by abrasion resistance of high manganese steel lining plate crusher price.Row ore mouth size use hydraulic or manual adjustment.

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